We have decided to make all of the original compositions on Beginner’s Luck available for free download, under a Creative Commons License. Why are we doing this? Because we can! We are convinced that it’s better to get our music out there & share it with more people who might never hear it otherwise. There’s even a song about it on our CD! Of course we’d like to encourage anyone who can afford it to support independent music by buying CDs like ours. They make great gifts!

Our downloadable tracks are released to the public under a Creative Commons License which allows for noncommercial redistribution of our work. That means you are free to upload these tracks on file sharing networks, or burn them to CD for your own use. We hope that this free approach will help our music reach more people, and that more artists will adopt this attitude as well. If you would like to use our songs for something beyond what the license allows for, you can email us and ask for permission.

There are five tracks on Beginner’s Luck that are written by other songwriters, and because we cannot Creative Commons License these tracks, we have not posted them online. It’s also a little more incentive to buy the album 🙂