Beginner’s Luck
M. & L. Ryge
You’re more than kind, they used to say
When we used to help ’em out, or bring ’em to town, or take their trash away
And now we find, after they’ve passed away
They left us this old house, where we live today

Beginner’s luck, I can’t believe it – Beginners luck, what did you say
Beginner’s luck, you’ve got to be kidding – Beginner’s luck, …O.K….

I can’t quite hear you honey but I don’t wanna make you shout
So come a little closer darlin’, so I can understand what you’re talkin’ about
And if you want to go, well I can take you home
‘Cause at a time like this, I don’t think I should leave you alone

Beginner’s luck, smile like a baby – Beginner’s luck, fly like a bird
Beginner’s luck, run like a rabbit – Beginner’s luck, just say the word

It isn’t carved in stone, it’s only cast in concrete
Nothin’ you couldn’t handle, with a few sledge hammer blows
But when things get ugly, and you’ve got to take a stand
Sometimes things just work out even better than you ever could have planned

Beginner’s luck, cry like a baby – Beginner’s luck, just say the word
Beginner’s luck, talk to the lawyer – Beginner’s luck, don’t give ’em the bird

And in this part, when things get slow,
What do you say, well I don’t know
But I remember clearly, Morry used to say
Nine out of ten things you worry about never happen anyway

Beginner’s luck, just look at that pitcher – Beginner’s luck, swing that bat
Beginner’s luck, run around the bases – Beginner’s luck, forget about the hat

Then old John Picardi said to Lindalou,
Do you know how to play the mandolin Miss Lou? I’ll tell you what I’ll do
See I got this old one that I don’t play anymore
And if you give me a hundred dollars, you can take it out the door.

Beginner’s luck, not just for children – Beginner’s luck, the young and the old
Beginner’s luck, Every day you start over – Beginner’s luck, the story is told

Code of Kindness
L. & M. Ryge
We all used to wave when we’d pass along our road
everyone seemed to know each other, everybody knew the code
of kindness to our neighbors, glad to help each other out
just a smile and a wave always left you with no doubt
over the past few years, all that has really changed
new neighbors have arrived and it’s never been the same
they’ve clear cut the forest, cut new roads to build big homes
installed electric gates, and they all have their secret codes
and you wonder when you’re driving, coming around the next blind bend
if you’ll meet a fully loaded log truck, or one of your old friends

Sometimes we call up Bob and Olga, to see if they’re alright
he’s got his tank of oxygen, she’s losing her eyesight
but they still seem pretty happy, you can tell they’re still in love
after a lifetime on this mountain, they thank the stars above
and you wonder when you’re walking about how it used to be
when the neighbors were so close, our houses few and far between

No Expectations
M. & L. Ryge
Such a long time ago back in ’72
he broke your heart and made a mess out of you
A year you’d been together and you’d had a good time
but when I first met you I could see that you’d been crying
A little while later 1973
That’s when you started sneaking ’round with me
I saw you in class, I saw you in the hall
but we were not interested in school at all

Down the street where the cringers meet
out into the smoke down on Mission Street
Mark had a Vespa and Dougy had the truck
and we would go riding and we would test our luck
Jimi so loud on the stereo
If Roscoe had wings I don’t know where he would go
maybe to Robin’s house, his mom was cool
She’d seen it all and she was nobody’s fool

We said – we had no expectations
sure didn’t want to be tied down
Pretty soon this was more than just flirtation
sure had our fun runnin’ around

Marty broke away, went to live in the woods
he made Dog Creek sound pretty good
Out past the Inkwell, there on the right
Rescued you from your parents wrath that night
It was not hard then, to believe
we wore our hearts right on our sleeve
Had no worries about the cost
but when we lost Jon that innocence was lost

We did say – we had no expectations
sure didn’t want to stay in that town
Flew off like the birds on their migration
with no idea where we’d settle down

Sometimes we’d take in the Lion’s Share
the Sons were often playing there
We’d dance ’till we were in a daze
Unlock the door invite the band to graze
We had the key so we could clean the floor
At 17 it felt like it was our store
Pedro and Emilio never seemed to care
we did our jobs – somehow it all seemed fair

From Graceland Drive to Blossom Court
took about a half an hour on my 10-speed bike
But it was well worth it, though the road was steep
just to go and see – the girl that I like
So what do we know and how can this be?
We’re still together and you’re singin’ with me
Our kids are about as old as us when we met
and the road we started on, it isn’t done yet

We always did have good communication
right from the start we had that down
That’s my only explanation
true love really can be found

McNevin’s Toothache
L & M Ryge
Oaks madrones and redwoods
beside a mossy fern filled bed
under the stars with you tonight
is where I want to lay my head
Firs and pines and paintbrush
and that big old dogwood tree
out in the woods alone with you
is where I want to be.
Ah, to wake up in the morning
and open up my eyes
First thing I’ll see is my lover
and the colorful sunrise
Honey let’s not go to work today
’cause all I do is long
to get out my flute and your guitar
and fill our day with song
Ah, to wake up in the morning
and just stay right here with you
just to fill our days with music
nothing I would rather do

See Us Through
L. & M. Ryge
What game is this, that we all play
What gets us through each long work day
We watch the clock, We count the hours
and hope we’ll find time to enjoy the flowers
Before they fade, and pass away
They seem to last just a few short days
The garden grows, and goes to seed
And we watch our youngest son growin’ like a weed
Those baby years, they pass so fast
The school years seem to drag by but soon they’ve passed
Can’t believe how he has grown
like his older brother, soon be on his own

What game is this, that we all play
What keeps us going, every day
When conflict strikes, and troubles brew
It’s hard to know just what to do

But the love of family, and good friends
Is all it really takes, to make amends
And the love of family, and good friends
Will see us through, right to the end

Strawberry Jam
L. & M. Ryge
Won’t someone swing dance
with my sweet sister shelly
Dianne’s in Tasmania
and Charlie can’t be found
So I jump in and join her
and she spins me around
she’s almost learned how to lead
but I almost fall down

Strawberry jam, for breakfast lunch and dinner
Strawberry jam, ’round the campsites for four nights
Strawberry jam, down at Birch lake on Sunday
Thursday ’til Monday we got Strawberry Jam

The music from the main stage
sends us dancing across the meadow
So many smiling faces all shining in the sun
Old friends greet each other
even new friends feel like family
Strangers dance together
’til their not strangers any more


Strolling through the forest
in the middle of the night
Music drifting through the trees
from our neighboring campsites
Cactus Bob and Prairie Flower
singin’ one of Christopher’s songs
It’s becoming so familiar
that the crowd all sings along

Mandolins and fiddles
dobros banjos and guitars
We all come here for the music
four days we park our cars
And we live here in the forest
and we never want to leave
’cause the music and the love
is all our spirits really need

Strawberry jam, for breakfast lunch and dinner
Strawberry jam, ’round the campsites for four nights
Strawberry jam, right here at Camp Remember
May and September, we got Strawberry jam

You never know what you might hear
when someone else drops by
sarcastic tunes on plastic spoons
a nose flute lullaby
Maybe tonight The Waybacks
Caren, Travis, or Diamond Lil
will be pickin’ and singin’
at Tequila Flats
Thank you Tim and Mayor Bill

Strawberry jam, for breakfast lunch and dinner
Strawberry jam, ’round the campsites for four nights
We got the Hog and there’s hams
it’s not too hard to find ’em
Stronger than moonshine
we got Strawberry jam
Under the moonlight
lovin’ that Strawberry Jam

Wait and See
M. & L. Ryge
We’re gonna have to wait and see
if this little seed is ever gonna be a tree
It’ll take some time, it doesn’t happen instantly
But if it grows, it would be a joy to me

Tomorrow morning, when we rise
I’ll look at your face and see the light in your eyes
And when I’m out working, I’ll think about you
and see your face and that is what’ll get me through