Greetings friends, family & music lovers,

We want to stay in touch with all of you about our music. We’ve been playing some great private events and really having fun. We played a wedding reception at our local Tucker Farm Center yesterday and must have played 30 or 40 songs. We had Terry Ann playing fiddle and our old friend Dan Brunetti backing us up on guitar and vocals. Such a joy to see all those folks dancing and singing along.

On friday night we had the honor of opening the 2nd set of Stevie Coyle’s (of the Waybacks) great solo show at the Papillon cafe in Lafayette. A wonderful little concert series started by Charlotte Gibb, which benefits their local arts organizations. We’ll be playing there in June and will let you know when we have the date set.

You can buy our CD (or write a review if you’ve already got it) on our CDbaby page. They’re having kind of a contest this month. The top 100 best selling CD’s in February will be chosen to have one song put on a CDbaby compilation CD that will be sent out free with every order (5ooo copies) with contact info on each artist featured on the CD. We haven’t been selling too many CD’s on line yet so chances are slim of making it onto this promo CD, but it would be fun to try! So we’re reminding you all that if you have enjoyed our CD some of your friends might enjoy it too! Music makes a nice gift!

Thanks again to all of you who bought our CD over the holidays. We’ve had some really nice feedback from folks who received it as a gift.
Hope you’re all well and wishing you the best. Thanks again for supporting independent music!

Love, Lindalou & Michael