Happy New Year!
Hope all of you are safe and dry. We are, but we won’t be going to town any time soon since part of our road has become a most beautiful raging river. Our son Ian barely made it home on the 30th before the landscape changed radically and part of our road just disappeared under mud and boulders and logs. Fortunately it was late at night and no one else was on the road, but Ian said it was pretty terrifying driving up the Mtn. that night. From his description it sounds like the slide may have just been starting as he drove home.
The next day we went down to check it out and Ian took some great pictures!
In the meantime we’ve been cozy at home eating well and playing music. Michael has been baking bread and making soup and enjoying some time off! Several trees have fallen around our house but so far we’ve been safe!

This is unusual for us to send out another newsletter so soon after the last two, but we’ve been offered another gig on short notice. If our road is found by then… we’ll be opening for our friend and wonderful musician/songwriter
Lisa Sangita Moskow,
in San Rafael on Saturday January 7th, at 7:45 pm. (details below)
Hope to see some of you there if this wild weather calms down by then!

Here is a copy of the mailing Lisa Sangita sent out with all the info.

You are invited to the Just Do it Music Fest taking place
in the cottage behind my house. It will be an opportunity
to see a wide (and wild) assortment of really creative artists
in an intimate environment. This is a last-minute plan (due
to my cottage not being rented until Jan. 15th). I will keep
you updated as dates with other artists are arranged. I hope
to have a free jamming night—if you wish to participate in that
you can let me know your preferred dates(s).

Jan. 7th (Sat.) 7:45 pm
Lindalou and Michael Ryge are folk musicians who do
originals and tasteful selections from other musicians.
The love they have for each other and for their Music is
palpable. Words that come to mind: harmonious
synchronicity, union with the muse—well you get the idea.
They also play a bunch of instruments. Lovely.
They will open for me (Lisa Sangita). I will do original
songs: celebrations of sacred places and all kinds of
dieties from a number of cultures. I accompany myself
on electric sarod.

Directions: 2126 5th Ave. San Rafael CA 94901
From 580 (coming from East Bay and Richmond
Bridge) or from S.F. going north on 101. Take the
Central San Rafael exit. Go West (left) on 5th St.
from the exit street. The house is a little over a mile up
5th between K St. and California. The house in on
the right-hand side of the street, covered with a jungle
of foliage. Go down the driveway through the wooden
gate to the cottage in back. Please don’t talk loudly or
draw attention to yourselves—my neighbors are okay
and never complain about moderate-level music, but
they may feel disrespected by noise on the street and
may even feel some irritation by more cars parked on
the street than usual. You may want to bring your
own backjack just in case—I have a few cushions
and a number of chairs.

We ask for a $10 (or more) donation. You’re welcome to bring
drinks or snacks for post-concert schmoozing.
Music will not go past 10pm, but you are welcome to
hang out post-concert.

Contact number (Lisa Sangita) (415) 457-4754