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Seasons Greetings!
It’s been a bit of a rough year for many of us around the world, with far too many tragic losses, but I do want to say how grateful we are for so many things, especially our loving family and friends. This is what keeps us going and gives us reason to keep singing!

We have some fun gigs coming up. Calistoga is pretty festive this time of year. We’ve lived here for about 25 years now… Yikes! Are we that old already?! Anyway, we’re still getting to know our historic little town and especially now since I’ve recently been hired by the Calistoga Chamber Of Commerce to work in their new visitor center. They were actually contacting me to ask us to play music for their event… and I mentioned I needed a new job. The next day they hired me. Here I am pushing 50 and this is my first desk job!… It’s actually quite interesting as I’m not only getting to know our town better, but learning new computer skills… while meeting new people from all over the world… while helping to decorate their new digs, in between answering phones, giving directions, and running errands. It’s a busy little town. We live in the hills and have sort of avoided coming into town so much since our kids finished going to school here, so this is a radical change for me! I’m enjoying it so far.

We’ve been asked to be wandering minstrels playing in the stores and restaurants and up and down the main street, on Saturday December 9th and 16th from 4:00 until 6:00 (or as long as we feel like playing…) You can find us somewhere on Lincoln Avenue downtown Calistoga. (Weather permitting.)
Our friend Dan Brunetti will accompany us. We’ve also possibly got a New Years Eve gig in St. Helena which we’ll send an update on when we have more info about it.

Wishing you all well, happy holidays and hope for peace.
Lindalou and Michael

Here’s Calistoga’s flyer for December events. This was made by local Calistogan Christy Fitzpatrick who has recently started a business here called Exposures of Calistoga. You can check it out at
I told the Chamber of Commerce I could send this out with my music newsletter. Hope to see some of you in town!