Earth Day is coming up again!

On Wednesday April 22nd 3:00 to 6:00
Cal Mart Customer Appreciation Day and Earth Day!
1491 Lincoln Avenue, Calistoga

Once a year our local market puts on a festive party with live music inside and out, with lots of free samples and a raffle. Everyone has a great time. They’ve had us play this event before. This year it happens to be on Earth Day so we’ll be celebrating that as well. It’s not always easy “being Green”… but we’re trying our best and we think Cal Mart has been working on it as well! It’s a great local market with a good selection of organic produce. We’re happy to have no Safeway or large chain stores in our little town.

We’ll be playing with our band, including Duncan Draper on stand up bass, David Chapman on drums and Dan Brunetti playing guitar and singing harmonies. Our favorite fiddler Terry Ann Gillette will also join us! We’ll be in the parking lot where there will also be plenty of good food samples and smiling faces and who knows what surprises. A rare treat for us to get hired to play on a weekday! Hope to see you there supporting our local market and enjoying the music and our Calistoga community.