May Day Market!

May 1st  from 9am to noon or so…
We play the opening day of the Calistoga Farmer’s Market! We’re going to stick around for awhile after the market and play all the Mexican songs we know for Calistoga’s Tamale Festival. After that we’ll be heading up to Beehaven where our friends Alan and Barbara are putting on a music party to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary and we’ll be celebrating our 30th which was on April 27th…our real anniversary was on the 28th though. We celebrate the first time we kissed 37 years ago back in 1973! Yikes…time sure flies!

We’ll be playing music at Beehaven all weekend. We haven’t invited everyone we know since it’s not at our home… but if you read this and are interested, feel free to call us at 539-2698 if you’d like to join us!