Dear Friends,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the very generous anonymous donation we received through our Jamendo site! Thanks to our sons’ advice and help, we’ve been giving our music away there for a couple of years under a Creative Commons License. We’ve gotten some nice reviews and even got to go play in Germany last year! We hadn’t really received any donations though, until this week when we received 2000 Euros!  Wow, we are astounded and amazed! We can’t thank this anonymous benefactor enough. We have been struggling to pay our bills like so many folks, for a long time and this will really help. We would like to spend it on getting a new CD recorded, but unfortunately it will still be awhile before we have that done. So we just posted something new to you, but very old– recordings we’ve decided to share as a way to thank who ever was inspired to send us this donation. These songs were loosely recorded late at night back in 1999 in our friend Mike Walter’s home studio in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We actually consider this a demo and never intended to release it to the public, but under the circumstances, since we haven’t got any of our new material ready to release yet, we decided to share this with the Jamendo community and anyone else who cares to listen. This is not our best quality recording or performance, but the songs are all homemade, from the heart, except the traditional “The Water is Wide” written in the 1600’s (except for the lines we changed.)

Here is our newest release of old songs: We hope you enjoy it despite the lower quality of these tracks compared to this album:

We have a few private gigs coming up in November and December but only have two public things lined up this season, so far.

On November 27th from noon to 3pm
We’ll be playing in downtown Niles where our dear friend Michael McNevin, singer/songwriter extraordinaire, has asked us to entertain on the main street as wandering minstrels with our good friend Christopher Smith. We’ll be in his Mudpuddle shop the night before where Michael M will play a concert and we’ll join him and his friends in a song circle afterwards.

On December 15th, We’ll be at the Calistoga Inn from 6pm to 9pm.
For the annual Pauper’s Feast. We’ll be playing with our pals Dan Brunetti and David Chapman. We hope to see you there!

In March it looks like we’ll be playing on a sea kayaking tour down in Baja! Our friend Trudy Angel who started a successful business down in Loreto many years ago, called Paddling South, has asked us to join her tour and entertain on the beaches for a week! We’re really excited about this opportunity and are trying to prepare for it. If anyone reading this is interested in signing up for this trip you can learn more about it here.

We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks again for listening to our music and supporting independent musicians!

Love, Lindalou and Michael