More Music in May!

Hi folks,
We just wanted to let you all know we’ll be playing music again tonight, May 5th, in Rutherford. We had a great time playing with our band last month at the Elizabeth Spencer Tasting Room. It’s a really nice place and they were serving delicious appetizers and high quality wine. They asked us to come back and play on the first Thursday of every month. Yay!

This month they’re celebrating their five year anniversary and they’ll have new music every Thursday night. This event is free! I had posted earlier that it was $20.00 to the general public because that’s what it was for last months event, but I was mistaken!

So here’s where we’ll be playing this week:

Thurdsay, May 5th 5:00 to 8:00pm
Elizabeth Spencer Tasting Room
With Dan Brunetti, Duncan Draper and Terry Ann Gillette

Saturday, May 7th 9:00am to Noon
Calistoga Farmer’s Market Opening day with the 3 D’s!
Great musicians, Dan Brunetti, David Chapman and Duncan Draper

We hope to see some familiar faces!
Happy Spring,
Lindalou and Michael