Hi friends,

We have a couple of Farmer’s market gigs we’d love to see you at.

September 10th 9am to noon
Calistoga Farmer’s Market
with Dan Brunetti and David Chapman

September 18th 10am to 1pm
Windsor Farmer’s Market
We’ll play as a duo that day unless our dear friend and extraordinary guitar player Hank Levine can sit in with us on a few!

Sept.25th 10am to 1pm
Windsor Farmer’s Market again!
We’ve been invited back to play with our dear friend and amazing musician Hank Levine! Some of you might remember Hank from his group Collins and Levine who were popular back in the 70’s and 80’s when they got to open for the likes of Bonnie Raitt, as well as Dire Straits and several times for Jessie Collin Young. Hank’s band didn’t stick together, but Hank has just gotten better and better on guitar and his voice is beautiful. What a treat for us to get to play with him!

We spent Labor Day weekend at the Strawberry Music Festival and had an extraordinarily great time. We were delighted to get an email right before the festival from a couple we met in Germany when we were playing there in 2009. They had traveled a few hours by train from Berlin to see us there which took us by surprise at the time. They surprised us again and told us they were coming to the Strawberry Fest inspired by our song about it! We invited them to camp with us and had a wonderful time getting to know Anya and Thomas and showing them a good time. They’d never been to a festival quite like that and loved it. They said it was just like our Strawberry Jam song described it. They went to Yosemite after the festival and then came and spent the night here with us before heading to Portland. Now we all feel like old friends!

On another note, we’ve been asked to entertain on another Kayaking trip with Paddling South!  This won’t be until March 25th 2012, but that gives us plenty of time to plan for it. It was an amazing experience last Spring and we hope to get some folks we know to sign up to go with us again.

We hope you’re all well and doing something you enjoy.


Lindalou and Michael