We spent last weekend camping with friends and family, playing music and dancing at the wonderful Kate Wolf Memorial Music festival up at the beautiful Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville.  There was incredible music on several stages Friday through Sunday. We rode our bikes from one stage to the next and back to camp for great meals and jamming with friends into the wee hours. What a joy!

This weekend we look forward to playing a wedding here in Calistoga. This wedding is located beside a vineyard where Michael and I had a job together when we first moved to Calistoga in 1980. We played the couple a love song, called “I’ll Meet You in the Vineyard,” that Michael wrote for me back then, (while working in that vineyard,) and they chose that song for their ceremony!

July 14th, 9am to noon
We’ll be back at the Calistoga Farmer’s Market.
This time we’ll play as a duo since our friends Danny and David will both be out of town.
That same day, later in the afternoon, we’ll be playing a private event for a rural neighborhood group called the Alpine Club.

July 28th, We’ll play for our good friend’s Gaelen and Lily’s wedding up in Garberville.  We’re excited that they chose to start their ceremony with the song we wrote for our own wedding vows back in 1980.

August 4th, We’re invited again to play a private annual Blackberry picking party, a really fun party some dear friends have asked us to play for the past 4 years.

August 5th, We’ll be back at the Windsor Farmer’s Market.

August 12th, We’ve been asked to play a 70th anniversary party for Virginia and Jess Dooley. Virginia is in her 90’s and still going strong. She dances up to us when she hears us playing at the farmer’s market!

August 18th, We look forward to playing again, for our 4th year in a row, at the annual Cur-Ville Dog Days Music Festival in Kenwood.

August 31st, We’re excited about playing a wedding and making the cake for dear friends Diane and Ziggy at the Strawberry Music Festival over Labor Day weekend.

September 13th, We’re looking forward to playing at the 2012 National Heirloom Exposition (hopefully our first annual!)

Sept 15th, We’ll be back at the Calistoga Farmer’s Market.

October 7th, We’ll play the Windsor Farmer’s Market again and later that day for our first time at the Healdsburg Pumpkin Festival.

Oct 27th, We’ll play the last Calistoga Farmer’s Market of the year.

November 1st, We’ll be back for one more Windsor Farmer’s Market this year.

We’re so glad to be able to play music between our regular day jobs which we haven’t been able to quit yet!

We hope you’re all well and enjoying summer too.

All the best,

Lindalou and Michael