Annual Ken Harris Memorial Concert!

Dear friends and music lovers,
It’s been a long time again since we’ve posted anything here or updated our website, but we have been playing quite a bit, mostly for folks in elder care homes, farmer’s markets and private parties. We’ve also been writing new songs together mostly inspired by events in our lives. It’s such a joy when even the difficult times inspire songs! That being said, we’ve all had our ups and downs but things are mostly going well for us and we’re grateful for that every day!

We’re getting ready to play our annual DCWC benefit concert in memory of my Dad, Ken Harris. My brother in law Steve Gross met and befriended a man named Akka Llama while trekking in Nepal a few years ago. Akka had started DCWC to help poor women and children in rural villages in Nepal. He was building schools in these remote villages and then built a small hospital in the Rajbash, Kavre District. My sister Jeanette went with Steve the next time he went to Nepal and they offered to help DCWC raise money for the hospital. We offered to do a house concert to help out and decided to schedule it around our Dad’s birthday and make it an annual event.

This past February we had to postpone the concert due to Jeanette dealing with breast cancer. Thankfully she made it through that ordeal and we’re very happy to say she is doing well now!

After the big earthquake in Nepal last year we did a special concert in October to help DCWC raise funds to build temporary shelters for countless people who had lost their homes. This concert was a huge success and we want to thank those of you who have come to our concerts or made donations over the past four years. Jeanette tells us that our concerts have been their biggest fundraisers for DCWC and the humanitarian work they continue to do. It feels great to know we can help so many people by playing music. It would make our Dad really happy too!

We hope all of you who read this are well and we hope to see you at Jeanette and Steve’s house on February 27th. The details are in the flyer below, and you can contact us for more information.

In harmony,
Lindalou and Michael

Here is the flyer that Jeanette made:HouseConcertFlyer2016