Gratitude Concert! on July 2nd at Chroma Gallery

Dear friends,
When so many of you so generously donated to help us buy a new guitar after we were mugged last November, we promised that we’d put on a concert and jam to express our abundant gratitude. We thought we’d have found time to do that in the Spring… but Spring has sprung and is quickly turning to summer.

So, we’ve set a date to do it; July 2nd, in the back yard of the Chroma Gallery, where Robin and Simmon are also having an exhibit called “The Art of Music.”

We’ve written a half dozen or so new songs since that crazy event in November and our concert will be mostly our original music, taking place just around the corner from the scene of the crime! We’ll be recording the concert with hopes of finally making our 2nd CD as a live recording to share with y’all later.

We hope you can join us on the 2nd from 4:00 to 6pm. We’ll gather and mingle first, followed by our “concert” around 4:30 and then we’ll unplug and have a jam. Bring your instruments and or voices if you’d like to join the jam!

We’ll be providing a few drinks and snacks but have no idea how many folks will show up, so please feel free to bring snacks (finger food) and drinks to share if you’d like.

We really look forward to seeing and jamming with many of you at the Kate Wolf Fest before then. We’d also love to see you all the following weekend at Chroma Gallery, 312 South A Street, Santa Rosa.

In harmony,
Lindalou and Michael