Newsletter for August 2003

This weekend, at the Strawberry Festival, we’ll be playing at Camp Remember & some of our neighboring campsites off & on throughout the weekend. Our CD is called “Beginner’s Luck.” We were fortunate enough to have some great musicians play with us on our album. Three of them will be camping with us at Strawberry. Christopher Smith, a long time friend & campmate of ours at Camp Remember, plays some mandolin & a little banjo. Jimmy Bunch, another campmate of ours, plays dobro.Terry Ann Gillette, plays the violin & will be coming to Strawberry for her 1st time.We’re looking forward to playing with them all over the next 4 days.

We also have Doug Harman playing Cello on the CD. Unfortunately he won’t be with us this weekend. But we hope to be playing with him in the near future.

We haven’t got our website together yet, but wanted to get something up quickly in case anyone who sees our web address on the CD actually tries to go to our website. So obviously this is under construction, with not much to see yet. We’ll try to keep you posted when we’re playing anywhere. We’ll also have links to other information we’d like to share.