We got home late last night after 4 days of music.The Strawberry festival is like coming home for us. During the day we tend to dance in the meadow, ride bikes, swim, eat, socialize & generally relax. We stay up almost all night every night jamming. We sold & traded a couple dozen CD’s, & gave a lot more away. We came home with a lot of great new music… people whose web sites we’ll eventually have links to.

Our upcoming gigs are:

Sept. 20th
7:00 to 9:00 — A CD release party at the Calistoga Bookstore –free admission
12:00 to 3:00 at the Micro Brew & Art Fest at the Calistoga Fairgrounds —( I’ll post more info about this when I have it. )
Oct. 18th
7:30pm at the Petaluma Coffee Cafe with Christopher Smith & Larry Potts also performing their own songs. Cover charge— $10.00–
call Barbara Arhon for reservations: 707-781-3272

We hope to have Terry Ann playing fiddle with us at all 3 of these events, & Doug Harman will try to join us if he’s not booked elsewhere. We’ll keep you posted about any other venues that are open to the public. We tend to play more private events than public so far. We’re available for weddings & parties, & hope to start playing at house concerts.

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