We’re finally updating our website & at least some of our songs will be here for people to listen to or download if you’d like. I sent a newsletter out to everyone on our mailing list this past weekend. I’m going to post it here, & in the future we’ll send out brief newsletters with our upcoming dates, & we’ll send a link to our website where there will be more extensive news about our music endeavors for anyone who wants to read it.

So heres the latest newsletter:

Hi folks!

Thanks to every one who made it to our first CD release party at the Calistoga Bookstore. We had a great turnout that night & every one seemed to enjoy themselves & get plenty to eat & drink. Great to see so many of our local Calistogans come out to support us & enjoy our music. Thanks so much to all of you who bought our CD (some of you even bought multiple copies!) & signed our growing mailing list.

We hope you’re all enjoying our songs.

Many thanks to Reece Baswell for providing us with a nice public venue to play music & sell our CD’s. His son Ryan worked that evening & the store was quite full. We really appreciated how hard he worked that Saturday night.

We also want to thank Charlotte Devorak & her son, Francis, for delivering 2 ice chests full of sodas & water which was very much appreciated on that warm night. Also thanks to George & Linda Kapros for helping us out with the good wine.

Last, but not least, we want to thank Hanna Manfredi, Our 16 year old friend who took time out of her Saturday night to sell CD’s for us while we were playing, in exchange for another guitar lesson from Michael.

All in all our first CD release party was a big success. Our friend & great violin player Terry Ann Gillette even helped us to get a few folks dancing towards the end of the evening. Those of you who know us, know we’re not generally a dance band…. but sometimes that fiddle helps get people moving!

We had a great time playing last weekend for the Art Guild at the Calistoga Micro Brew & Art Festival at the fairgrounds. Our friend & great dobro player Jimmy Bunch came with his family from Chico to join us for that event & a private birthday party that night where we had the opportunity to open for one of our musical heroes & friend, Darryl Purpose. Check out his website if you get a chance at

We have a couple of public events coming up that we hope to see some of you at. —

On Oct.11th we’re playing in Calistoga from around 12:15 to 1:30 or so at the Calistoga Art Guilds celebration at the Logvy property.This will be a great event with all kinds of wonderful art demonstrations, good food & drink, & a chance to tour the proposed future site of the Calistoga Community Art Center. Come watch the kids paint their principal!! There wiil be a silent auction, to raise money to acquire an abandoned building on the Logvy property, & make the necessary improvements. We’re donating our time & some of the proceeds of any CD’s we might sell that day. After we play, at 2:00 the Taiko Drummers from Sonoma County will be performing traditional Japanese Drumming. Admission to this event is free. Hope to see you there!

On Saturday, Oct. 18th we’re playing at 7:30, at the Petaluma Coffee Cafe. This is a great venue where a woman named Barbara Arhon has started putting on a series of Petaluma Folk Music Concerts. (You can find out more at www.geocities.com/petalumafolk/concerts)—-We’ve seen some great shows there. A Singer/Songwriter named Larry Potts will open for us with a short set, & then our good friend & award winning singer/songwriter Christopher Smith (Find out more about him atwww.ChristopherSmithMusic.com) will play a few of his wonderful songs, some of which we’ll back him up on, then he’ll be backing us up on a few of our songs. Barbara has asked us to do a long set (or perhaps 2 sets ) to play the songs from our CD along with some new ones that”ll be on our next CD. We hope to have Terry Ann joining us with her wonderful violin, & hopefully Doug Harman with his beautiful cello.

Tickets for this event are $10.00 — for info & ticket purchase please call Barbara at 707- 781-3272 or email:babsjoj@hotmail.com —

Other events we have lined up after this are private, but we’ll keep you posted about future public venues we might be playing . We are available for weddings, parties, & just about any type of event we can
line up!

Our website is still under construction , but eventually you’ll be able to hear some of our songs there & even download them if you want … or buy our CD’s! In the meantime you can contact us by email if you want to say hello, get a CD, or hire us to play.

Thanks again to all of you who signed our mailing list and have come out to support us in our musical endeavors! Hope to see you soon.

Peace, Love & Harmony, (the finest things in life! ) Best wishes,

Lindalou & Michael

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