Hi everyone far and near,

We’re off to the Strawberry Music Festival for the beginning of a music filled summer! We’ll be jamming around the campsites with dear old friends and new friends for the next few days, when we aren’t dancing to the many incredible musicians on the main stage or riding our bikes over to one of the other 2 stages for workshops, or swimming in Birch lake. Today was our last day of work this week and we can hardly wait to leave! Unfortunately both Spring and Fall festivals are sold out, but you can check out the website if you want to:

We’ll come home on Monday only to leave again the following Saturday for The Wild Iris Folk Festival at the Mendocino County fairgrounds in Boonville.We’ll play a “tweener” (a short set between the main acts) at 12:30pm on Saturday June 4th on the Wild Iris Stage. The great Joe Craven and Django Latino will play later that day, and the amazing Waybacks close the show on Sunday. We’ll be camping out and jamming with friends after the show on Saturday. Should be another wonderful weekend. Tickets are still available at http://www.wildirisfolkfestival.org/ where you can also see the schedule. Hope some of you can come!

On June 11th at 8:30 am to noon
We’ll be playing at the Calistoga Farmer’s
market. (Yikes! We’re not used to playing in the morning unless we’ve been out
playing all night!) This should be a fun gig though once we wake up. Terry Ann
Gillette and Dan Brunetti plan to accompany us.

On June 18th 11:00 to 5:30 Art In The

We’re playing in the Gazebo in Pioneer Park in Calistoga. Lots
of great local art on display and for sale, benefitting the artists and the
Calistoga Art Center. Terry Ann and Dan will join us again.

That’s what we’re up to for now. More dates coming later in the summer. Hope
you’ve all been enjoying the erratic Spring weather, and have a great summer.
Hope to see you along the way!

Be well,
Lindalou and Michael