Our August schedule changed suddenly when we found out that a memorial service for our dearly departed friend Wardell Noel was planned the same time we were scheduled to play the Calistoga Farmer’s Market. We canceled our August 23rd market and won’t be back there until Sept 20th and then again on Nov 1st.

We were also scheduled to play at the Epicurian Connection Cafe on August 24th but due to a conflict with another event there they rescheduled us to play on Sunday, Oct 5th from 3pm to 5pm. We’ll be playing as a duo again at the Epicurian Connection Cafe in the town of Sonoma.

We just had some heartbreaking news this week about another dear friend, Greg Muck who died while backpacking in Kings Canyon last week. We have spent many a music festival camping with him and his beautiful family, his wife Shannon and 5 year old daughter Delphina. We’re devastated by this news and our hearts are with Shannon and Delphina. Life is so temporay and fragile and we’re all so vulnerable. Tomorrow we’ll be playing music for Wardell’s memorial celebration and next weekend for Greg at a camp out party that was already planned, where we expected to see him there with his family.

Just a reminder to anyone reading this, make the most of each day we have together. Life is short and our world can change so suddenly.
Be well,
Lindalou and Michael