Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we got a phone call at 8:20am asking us to play the Calistoga Farmer’s Market. We’re not used to getting last minute calls to play except every now and then when someone cancels. It was pouring at our house this morning when the phone rang and very windy out too. Michael answered the phone and was confused by being asked to play this morning with such inclement weather! Karen, who runs the market said “it’s starting to clear up downtown and is supposed to be good weather by 10am.” So we went and had a great time playing unplugged and the sun came out. It was a beautiful day! We made a young woman and an old man cry again! We love to do that and to make so many people smile too!

We haven’t been playing as much music as we’d like lately, being too busy with work and dogs. After losing our old wonderful dog Hanna in July 2013 we were heartbroken and not ready to get another dog. In April our midwife Gwen Sue, who we’d gotten a great dog from when our first born son was a baby, emailed pictures of her Blue Heeler puppies telling us their mom Molly was the best dog she’d ever had. We were smitten and agreed to take the puppy Gwen chose for us. She had already named her Emma Goldman, (because “all her spots were on the left!”) We picked up Emma G on my 57th birthday in May. She’s amazingly intelligent and has been living up to her name. She’s quite the anarchist… we love her dearly but wonder what we were thinking getting a puppy! Then last week our eldest son came home from Berlin where he has been living the past couple of years. He warned us that he was bringing his puppy Rosa Luxemburg with him and staying for a month or so. We had a feeling he was bringing his puppy because he thought this would be a great home for her! Yikes, we tried to tell him we don’t want another puppy! Rosa is a Boxer Sharpei mix and almost a year old. Very wrinkled face but so ugly she’s adorable and she has a very sweet personality. We feel a bit like our lives have been hijacked by anarchist dogs right now…!

Still we’re making music when we can and we look forward to playing again next weekend.
We’ll be at the Windsor Farmer’s Market
Sunday, November 30th, 10am to 1pm. Rain or shine.
If it rains we’ll play unplugged under a canopy (like we did today.)

Hope you are all well and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Lindalou and Michael