Long overdue update!

Holiday greetings!
We’ve been ignoring our website again for most of the year! So many things have happened and it’s hard to believe 2018 has almost passed us by already. With heavy hearts I want to post here that we recently lost our very dear friend Duncan Draper who left us all too suddenly after a very brief illness. We were so grateful to know him and his beautiful family for many years. Duncan played with us many times over the years. Sometimes with our little band “Lindalou and Michael and the 3 D’s”, which included Duncan, Danny Brunetti and the late David Chapman who also left us too soon a few years ago. Like David, Duncan is already missed by so many. One more reminder that we should never take life for granted and really need to try and make the most of each day we’re fortunate enough to get!

We are still playing regularly at retirement homes but are very excited to be asked to open again for our dear friend Ira Echo (aka Karl Kummerle!) This Friday December 14th at Monnet’s house in Sebastopol. I have copied his invitation below:

hi friend! I want to invite you to my show this Dec 14th, friday, in beautiful Sebastopol. It’s my first time back in the bay area for an entire year and I’m really grateful to be able to share my new music with you. I’ll be making looped soundscapes and playing new compositions inspired by New Orleans’s contact improv dance scene! It will be an intimate evening where you can relax and bathe amidst sweet string music! love Ira.

Please join me this Friday for the first showing of my solo looping compositions at: 7:00 pm, 7415 Hayden Ave, Sebastopol, 95472.
There will be a $15-20 cover and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Possible special surprise guest opening act! Hope to see you there!

So, spoiler alert; we just found out we get to be his “surprise” opening act! We will also be dedicating some of our songs to our dear Duncan who we always loved playing with. We’re still reeling from his sudden departure.

We are honored to be asked to open for Ira again as we’ve enjoyed doing a few times over the past several years. He’s asked us to play our original songs doing a 30 to 45 minute set before he plays his solo show. This is short notice and we know it’s a really busy time but we’d love to see you there.

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the holiday season.

With Love,
Lindalou and Michael

Here is more detailed info about the show:

Ripples and Waves Musical Panoply
Featuring Ira Echo!
Fiddler virtuoso Ira Echo will delight us by playing Devotional Tunes to greet the Solstice Light and Improvisational Splendor to bring in the New Year!
7 PM Friday, December 14th Monnet’s house, 7415 Hayden, Sebastopol $20 suggested donation at the door.

Ira Echo aka Karl Kummerle is a violinist, dancer, street performer and music composer based in New Orleans, LA. They began their study of musicality in the loving hands of Sonoma county musicians and songwriters. Ira’s path of performance then took him to New Orleans where they practice, perform and play funny jazz and freely improvised music for dancers. Ira’s music marries jazz, Transylvanian, Appalachian, Scandinavian, classical and folk styles.

Ripples and Waves is Ira’s new collection of compositions written with the movement of improvisational dancers in mind. The pieces can be performed solo on violin, voice & piano, or with accompanying musicians. Their structure embodies the natural dynamic and energetic flow of a group of dancers meeting one another in creative spontaneous physical dialogue. This work is inspired by Contact Improvisational dance culture and the compatibility improvisational music and dance share. With Contact Improvisation, dancers work to cultivate alertness in an energetic state of physical disorientation, trusting their physical survival instincts. Ripples and Waves is Ira’s attempt to cultivate alertness in a state of musical disorientation. iraecho.com