Really (really!) Long Overdue Update…

Our website disappeared back in 2018 and we kind of thought it was gone forever. Our son finally found time and was able to painstakingly recover and restore all the old archives! It was a very old neglected site and needed a lot of updating anyway. It seems to finally be working again and looks like a brand new site now but has all our old history on it which we’re grateful to have preserved. I’ve been checking and replacing broken links etc. and adding some new info.

In the meantime, while our site was down for so long, during the dreadful pandemic…I did finally learn to upload some old videos we had forgotten we even had… and I finally started a youtube channel. It hasn’t gotten much attention, which is not surprising, but I’m glad to have preserved a record of a few of our performances. Our friend Chris Govea took video of a couple of concerts we did and convinced us early in the pandemic to let him post our whole gratitude concert from back in 2016. Since then, (after we were fully vaccinated, and before the Delta variant became a concern…) we were so happy to get to open for our friends “The Musers” at a backyard concert. Chris kindly also recorded the whole thing for us. Eventually we’ll figure out how to edit and post some of those newer songs.

Over the past 4 years, besides being evacuated 3 times when the fires came too close…we’ve continued writing songs together and are still playing regularly, mostly at retirement homes (except during the pandemic, up until we were vaccinated.) We’ve also played too many memorial services in the past few months after losing a few dear friends who sadly left us all too soon.

We’ve really missed being with friends, going to music festivals and have still been reluctant to go to indoor parties with this damn virus and the variants still a threat. We’ve been meeting with a group of dear musician friends on Zoom, visiting and playing our songs for each other, which we’re grateful for, but you really can’t jam on Zoom and we long for the days when we’ll all feel safe singing together in close proximity!

This post could go on and on if I wrote about all the crazy things that have happened over the past few years, but I don’t want to spend that long on this update. I do want to make note of the successful neck surgery Michael had right before the lock downs in Spring 2020. He had such bad pinched nerves it was getting really tough to play the guitar as his right arm had atrophied. We’re so grateful that all went well with that. He had a long time at home to get his strength back and he’s doing so much better now! We had cancelled all our recurring gigs at retirement homes for him to heal for a couple months but then due to Covid they were all cancelled indefinitely anyway until we were able to finally start up again in July 2021.

Back in the fall of 2020, we were evacuated for the 3rd time on Sept 27th, (in the midst of the pandemic!) when the Glass fire came so close that it burned all the way around our house and came within a few feet. We still can’t believe our house was saved, unlike so many of our friends who sadly lost everything. We still have a bit of survivor’s guilt from that. We’ve gotten very involved with our neighborhood fire safe council and are trying to help all of us to be more prepared for future fires.

We lost our water system, pg&e, phone, internet, our fence and storage container, countless trees and we couldn’t live here for a couple of months. Our good friends (who weren’t in the path of the fire,) took really good care of us and our dogs and provided a comfortable place to stay. When we finally got to come home we felt so fortunate to still have our house! There were still smoldering trees and spot fires from burning roots even after 3 inches of rain!

We’ve worked hard cleaning up debris around our place, which is ongoing. Several new songs were inspired by all those changes and the abundant wildflowers coming up everywhere thru the burnt ground last Spring. Someday we’ll get those songs all posted here.

We don’t know who will read this or if it’s just for our own records of events in our lives, but I’m glad to finally have our website and my “blog” back!

No one knows what the future holds with the pandemic and the new Omicron variant but we sure hope we can all be safe and stay healthy. We look forward to the day we can safely make music with our friends in person again. For now, we’re playing as a duo, mostly outside on these sunny winter days, for countless very elderly people, who respond so well to music. It’s really gratifying to see them light up and sing along.

With love and gratitude,

Lindalou (and Michael)

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