Benefit for Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County

On June 18th 2022 we’re looking forward to playing with our friends at Moonlight Brewing company. We donated 2 hours of live music as an auction item for the Peace & Justice Center’s online auction a few months ago. Our friend and peace activist Linda Sartor bought it and decided to use it for another fund raiser for the Peace & Justice Center! How great that our donation can benefit them twice! Our friends Robin and Brian of Moonlight Brewing Company offered to host the event. Yay!

We’ll be playing with dear friends Ted Dutcher on bass and vocals and Susan Ballinger on fiddle and vocals. Ted’s partner Ellen Silver will sing a few with us and Susan’s partner Victor Ruesga will also join us for a few songs. We hope to see a lot of our friends at this event and we encourage folks to consider donating even if you can’t attend.

Our pals in the great band Bohemian Highway will be playing from 3:00 to 5pm and we’ll play from 6:00 til 8:30pm (or until somebody calls the cops…) There will be great beer of course, yummy organic Comet Corn and a food truck.

We’ve been back to work, playing regularly at multiple care facilities while still trying to be careful to avoid Covid…which too many of our friends and loved ones have tested positive for lately, even after being fully vaccinated. Such strange, uncertain times, what with the ongoing virus, dreadful war and senseless mass murders. The unpredictable day to day worries can make it hard to even function. Music keeps us going though. We’re keeping really busy, between music and taking care of our place, still cleaning up burnt trees after the 2020 Glass fire and preparing for another scary fire season. It was in the 90’s yesterday, hot and windy for several days and today is really cold and windy here. Crazy climate change…it actually snowed a bit and hailed on my 65th birthday last week which was bizarre. I’ve never even seen it rain on my birthday before!

We’ve been pretty involved with our Diamond Mountain Firesafe Council and have been connecting with our neighboring Upper Mark West FSC as well as this group: Taking Action for Living Systems. Lots of zoom meetings. There will be a Town Hall meeting at Pepperwood Preserve on June 9th to hopefully get more community involvement around the idea of cross county landscape scale fire preparedness. Michael has been asked to speak on behalf of our fire safe council along with our friend Lynn Garric from the UMW FSC. Supervisors from both Napa and Sonoma Counties will also be speaking and then there will be a presentation from Vibrant Planet. People can register to attend in person through this link:

Or you can watch the live stream at 5:30 on June 9th here:

We hope to see a bunch of our (hopefully masked!) friends and their friends at both Moonlight Brewing and possibly at Pepperwood soon!

Stay well everyone. Keep on singing and dancing, like 90 year old Edna, who was inspired to get up and dance when we played in a memory care facility the other day!

Much love,

Lindalou and Michael

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