Summer fun

Last month we got to spend 5 days at the last Kate Wolf Festival which was such a blast! We were on the Revival tent crew again for what may be the last time after many years. We were happy to see so many friends again and share meals and music and dips in the creek which was surprisingly clean and flowing. There was way more music scheduled than we could possibly fit into our days, but we especially enjoyed Tim O’Brien a couple times. Also AJ Lee and Blue Summit are some of our new favorites! We got to see Hot Tuna Acoustic, Don Henry with Tom Paxton, John Craigie, Keith Greeninger with Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald and Nina Gerber. Chris Webster, Laurie Lewis, Ruth Moody and Lucy Kaplansky as well as many other inspiring musicians and great performances.

Next week we’re looking forward to the Redwood Ramble where we’ll also be on a crew so get to be there camping and jamming with friends from Wednesday until Monday.

We’re continuing to play at retirement homes regularly and have played for 5 groups since we got home from Kate fest and have 3 more lined up before the Ramble next week. Life is good and we’re just hoping to continue avoiding Covid while out playing and enjoying so much music this summer.

Be well all,

Lindalou and Michael

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