The Gathering!

We’re excited to have been asked to provide some afternoon music for this family friendly gathering, and honored to be the opening act for some of our musical heroes! We’ve loved seeing/hearing Mamuse and the Fula Brothers perform at festivals. They’ve joined up as FulaMuse and they’ll get us all dancing!

We’ll be playing outside at 4pm before their concert in the main hall at 7pm. We hope to have our favorite bass player, great harmony singer and dear friend Ted Dutcher joining us!

This will be the first time since last year that we’ve played for an event that is open to the general public and we’re really looking forward to it!

For more information please check out the website:

Meanwhile, we’ve been keeping really busy with regular elder care home gigs, a few weddings, parties and memorial services. Also working hard on trying to be as prepared as we can for another fire season.

At the end of February, we got snowed in with almost a foot of snow for the first time here! We lost many of our beloved trees that had been partially burned but had somehow survived the Glass fire in 2020. They couldn’t handle the weight of the snow though, so we’re still trying to clean up the broken and fallen trees on all sides. We’re so grateful to still be able to live here though! This Spring has been amazing with more abundant flowers blooming here than usual.

We’re trying to get back in the studio to finish recording the demos we were working on last fall. We’re hoping to have some new recordings to share soon.

Wishing everyone all the best!

With Love, Lindalou & Michael

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